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Lunar New Year in Vietnam and China

            Lunar New Year is the most important holiday in Vietnam and China. It starts on the first day of the first month in the traditional Chinese calendar and shows both countries' unique cultures and customs. China and Vietnam are neighbor countries, so they have some similarities, especially in New Year days; however, they also have some differences. Being neighbor countries and experiencing close history, China and Vietnam have several similarities in the Lunar New Year; however, cultural differences in celebrating this spring festival still exist.
             There are six similarities between Lunar New Year in Vietnam and China. First of all, Lunar New Year is the time of reunion and thanksgiving for Vietnamese and Chinese people. Studying and working far away from home make it more difficult to see other family members often or at the same time. For example, in my family, my siblings and I studied far away from my home and lived in different cities. Due to different school schedules, my siblings could not be there when I went home. However, with the same New Year breaks, we could see each other. Lucky money is the second likeness for two countries. In the first day of New Year, parents and grandparents will give younger children red envelopes with money in them, which demonstrates the elders' strong belief of bringing luckiness and happiness to the family for the whole year. Third, before New Year days come, every family in Vietnam clean and decorate their houses, and go shopping to prepare for new year days such as food and clothes, and so do Chinese families. They do a completed cleaning of the houses, throw old things, and welcome new things. In addition, they buy clothes to appear impression, and they buy food because they think if they spend money in New Year days, it means they will spend so much money in the whole of that year. Another similar thing is that has a New Year's Eve party. It is a crucial day in Vietnam; just as China is.

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