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             THE COLD WAR AFTER KOREA- contest major in the 3rd world US vs.
             • Iran, 1953- The CIA successfully did an a coupe or a revolution against the leader.
             • Guatemala, 1954- The CIA successfully did an a coupe against the leader. Gave an unwinding faith on the CIA. Ran into a big problem when trying to get rid of Fidel Castro.
             • Cuba- Castro came into power in 1959 still in power. The US first liked him, but he nat. people of am. He took back things, property. Am. Drove him to communism. Tried to get rid of them by exploding cigars and mistress. .
             • The Bay of Pigs (1961)- Eisenhower came up with a plan to invade Cuba, and consisted of 1500 people, and Am. Armed them, and hoped once people saw this they would revolutionize. It was disaster for the US They were captured. Embarrassment. This showed Castro how determined the US were to make him leave power. Soviets were sending missiles to Cuba. .
             • The Cuban Missile Crisis (1962)- The US finds out that these missiles are being sent and very nervous. They have to get those missiles out somehow. In Oct. Kennedy alerts the people of the US that they exist and that he is trying to get them removed. He decided to do a naval blockade around Cuba. It would force Cuba to fire first. So Kennedy does surround Cuba with a blockade. But people across Am. Watched thinking that it will be WWIII They did not challenge the blockade. He made a deal with Cuba that if he sends out the missiles then Am. Will never invade Cuba. .
             • Background- During WWII when Hitler was in Vietnam. He set up a puppet govt. which gave them French Indo China. French Indo China and Japanese collaborated against the US. US wanted to kick out fascist and supported a man trying to do this already. Hi name was Ho Chi Minh. He declared independence for Vietnam. After WWII the am.

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