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Sacred History - Divine Intervention

            Sacred history can be defined as a history that is spread by the word of mouth, by oral teachings as opposed to written works. People that used sacred history included the people in the ancient Near East region, Moses, David, and others in the Bible. Sacred history can be seen as more of a way to teach generations right from wrong and a way teach them lessons that needed to be learned. Scientific history, on the other hand, practiced more of the evidence gathering and analysis on the cause and effect of certain events when recording history. One man that could be called the father of scientific history because he believed in the use of it very strongly was Thucydides, a Greek historian. Not to say that either one of these ways is more important or better than the other, however there are claims to both sides. Divine intervention comes into play when you compare the two ideas of history. For example with the sacred history most of the people who were using this way of containing and preserving history believed in a divine intervention such as God. Both of these theories have a lot of merit to them and can both be considered history. It just depends on how you choose to look at them and which you decide will hold more water when the questions start coming. .
             Mostly the people in the ancient Near East region and the people in the bible used sacred history. Sacred history can be defined as a history that is spread and kept by the word of mouth, by oral teachings. This is not to say that these people didn't have a written teachings and a written word. Moses and David are two specific examples of the people who use of sacred history in the bible. Sacred history was an easy way to pass on teachings and lessons to your children and grandchildren. Sacred history was usually written down but after a couple of generations usually of it being passed by the word of mouth. This would make the text then sacred history as well.

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