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Harbingers of Light

             Mankind is uncertain of what to expect from the next millennium. Political, economic, and social issues overshadow our daily lives. Man often seems to be in danger of loosing any sense of happiness or peace. Many people have lost touch with basic beliefs and values. If there was ever a time when people needed the special power and blessings of heaven in their lives " that time is now. Life is too serious for many people and too hard " they simply do not pause to discover the inner strength that comes through the supernatural; through those unseen things around us.
             Among those unseen things is that which God has created "angels. That angels exist is clear from Scripture as well as Sacred Tradition. Scripture also suggests that angels be divided into definite ranks, each with separate duties and honors. The listing consists of nine distinct orders (choirs) of angels within three major headings known as hierarchies- (Pope). The hierarchies of angels are as follows: the Supreme Hierarchy, the Middle Hierarchy, and the Lower Hierarchy. Within each hierarchy there are three choirs (or ranks) of angels making a total of nine choirs. The choirs within the hierarchies differ because of angelic form rather than matter or quantity within the choir. The Supreme Hierarchy is always in God's inner circle, meditating on Him. The Middle Hierarchy keeps the universe running according to God's physical laws. The lower hierarchy carries out particular tasks. .
             The Supreme Hierarchy consists of the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the Thrones. The Seraphim are Love Angels of the purest love. They are sometimes referred to as "burning fires of love." The intensity of their love is so great that it fills all creation in and through God. They reflect God's goodness, His Absolute Holiness. Each Seraphim reflects God in a special way, as do all angels. The Seraphim are spirits of the purest and deepest created level of adoration.

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