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The Arts In Context, History of

             The Arts covers a wide verity of professions from Theatre, Music to Literature and the of it goes as far back to the cave men in preastoric times to modern day and even now new ways are being thought of and old ideas have been changed.
             American Film.
             In 1896, the famous inventor Thomas Edison won the patent for the Latham Loop, a device that prevented the film inside a camera from snapping. Thus ensued a series of conflicts, lawsuits, pirating, and armed confrontations, as would-be movie producers struggled to attain independence from Edison's attempt to monopolize the movie industry. As the more fanciful story goes, these renegade producers chose Hollywood as a base because its proximity to the Mexican border offered a safe place to hide from Edison's bully-gangs. Ultimately, the renegade producers won the day, and the Hollywood studio system was born. From the 1920s through the 1940s, if a movie was to be made, you can bet that a Hollywood studio made it. The studios not only controlled most of the people and talent of the American film industry, they also regulated artistic vision, theme, content, and subject. But no matter how stifling such control became, there was no alternative source for the kinds of funds that were required to produce a modern film. A series of critical blows attempted to change all that. First, an anti-trust suit regulated the studios' ability to make, distribute, and exhibit their movies. Second, foreign countries began to impose massive taxes on American film exports. Third, after World War II, a paranoid, Cold-War nation allowed Senator Joseph McCarthy to eviscerate Hollywood in his maniacal search for communist sympathizers. The final blow, the coup de grace, was the introduction of television, which brought the cinema into the home, providing an alternative to weekly movie attendance. However, the Hollywood that emerged from the studios' smoking ruins was perhaps an even more streamlined movie-making machine.

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