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Aesthetics Definition

            Aesthetic, in philosophy, is the study of beauty and it is one brand of the philosophy. The word was in Greek term that takes back to Aristotle day. This Aesthetic, back in that day, is defined as a competitive exchange of ideas, making claims upon the loyalty of the mind, keep changing each other. There are no conclusion for aesthetics; it's a process, however, no an end product. The best way would put all these into word is that in Socrates thought, Aesthetic is a conversation among earnest minds. .
             The Poetics, by Aristotle, is one of the most important books ever written in the theory of tragedy, literary criticism, and aesthetics. Poetics talked about geometry and Bible that in sixteenth and eighteenth centuries were "held by many leading dramatists" critics it beyond question". This book, the poetics, was a plays that is based upon an empirical examination. It's best to creating a tragic pleasure to the reader. Tragedy, in his definition, is a whole network of criteria of evaluation. This use of defining renders philosopher's decision on what is important in art. .
             The term then later was first define in 1735, "facts by A.G. Baumgartner and his first volume of his Aesthetical in 1750". IN his definition, aesthetics is a way of studying perception, knowledge is from senses, and distinct from knowledge derived by processes of mutation. Then comes to the early eighteenth century, where most rich people lived in Scotland and Germany, had link the natures of beauty and art together. One of the famous was Kant, he refer aesthetics to responses for fine arts. These fine arts including the "painting, sculpture, architecture, poetry, and music as distinct from thos4e arts called decorative or so. To the early nineteenth century, aesthetic definition is including the exercise of judgment with respect to beauty and had to be "disinterested contemplation" effected. This means the work of an art don't have to be link any other context or conc4ept.

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