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Midwest Humanistic Education

            Liberal education is intended to enlarge the mind and expand its capacity, regardless of the professional studies a student may pursue during his/her college studies. This paper will explore liberal education in high profile universities and also other universities in Ohio. In addition, this paper will explore whether or not Miami University's Miami Plan is an appropriate system of providing the breadth of human knowledge.
             U.S. News and World Report ranks Amherst College as the top liberal arts school in the nation.15 At Amherst students face a purely open liberal education program; students there select their own program of expanded studies. The knowledge students gain while at Amherst is a direct product of their own pursued interests. U.S. News also ranks the University of Pennsylvania as the number one business school in the nation. Penn students must take a total of ten courses outside their field of study. During the first two years of schooling, students must enroll in one class from each of the following distributional requirements: society (art, psychology, other social studies courses), history, English, formal reasoning (mathematics), physical science, and natural science. Also, students must take a total of two courses in each of society, history, and English during their 4 years of undergraduate study. By the end of their undergraduate work, students must take one additional course from formal reasoning, natural science, or physical science. .
             Students of Princeton University must have one years worth of a foreign language to graduate. Also, they must have one course taken for a grade from epistemology and cognition, ethical thought and moral values, history, and mathematics. Also, students take two classes of in literature and the arts (all students must take a writing course during freshman year), science and technology with a lab, and social analysis. At Harvard, students must take seven courses for a letter grade that they feel will give their studies the greatest breadth.

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