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             Education should be a lifelong activity because no one could ever possibly learn too much. If you stop and think you can lern something new everyday. Wether we; gain knowledge, pick-up a skill, or adopt a new habit, we learn. Many other people may learn from experiences. Some people may learn to play instruments, while others lern to play sports better than others. All of these things will be expained throughout the essay.
             Often you will find yourself engaging in conversation that you find appealing. Even though it is just talking, you are gaining knowledge. Suppose you are talking to one of your friends about how to play a song that you heard on the radio. By doing that, you are "learning" how to play the notes and chords of the song on guitar or other musical instruments.
             Perhaps you start a new job and you must learn how to work a computer system. You may spend a couple of weeks learning how to use the programs that you must use to complete your tasks at your job. Once you have learned how to use the system and programs, you have once again used your skills to gain knowledge. Here in the United States some people take education for granted. Many children, even adults, around the world have not been given the opportunity to learn as people in the United States have. It seems as if some people in the United States kind of lie back and say, "Well if I want to learn about something I can just go and learn anytime I want." Statistics show that enrollment in grades 9 through 12 has been dropping since 1985. Education is somewhat taken for granted in the United States.
             There is not a complete agreement among scientists and educators on the nature of human learning. Each and every person has his own learning process. But there are many different ideas that are generally accepted. Many of these ideas or theories are based largely on findings of modern psychology. These theories or ideas of learning can be divided into three main groups: (1) behavior modification theories; (2) cognitive theories; and (3) humanistic theories.

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