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Andy Warhol and Humanistic Theories

             Humanistic psychology focuses on the individuals meaning of life. The humanistic approach focuses on phenomenology, which comprises everything a person hears, feels and thinks, and which is at the center of her humanity and may even be basis of free will (Funder, 436, 2013). This type of psychology is all about how your behavior is linked to inner feelings and self concept. One important thing to understand is that man is in contact not only with things but with his fellowmen and with himself as well (Van Kaam, 1961). You are constantly around people and things that influence your construal and help shape your experiences. George Kelly's studies on constructs enforce that you actually choose the constructs you use because your personal reality constructs your mind (Funder, 457, 2013). You create your own reality which is unique to yourself and your experiences. There are three parts of experience; biological, social and inner psychological. The biological component of experience consists of the sensations you feel by virtue of being a biological organism, for example pain, cold and all the body sensations (Funder, 443, 2013). The social experience consists of your emotions and thoughts about other people and the emotions and thoughts directed at you (Funder, 443, 2013). The third component is your inner, psychological experience, which consists of how you feel and think when you try to understand yourself, your own mind, and your own existence (Funder, 443, 2013). One of the important bases of experience is your "thrown-ness", which refers to the time, place and circumstances into which you happened to be born (Funder, 443, 2013). Humanists use "thrown-ness" to have people ask themselves, why am I here? And what should I be doing? (Funder, 444, 2013) These questions make the individual evaluate life and find their own meaning to being alive, while simultaneously being influenced by everything around them.

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