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Andy Warhol

             The title of this exhibit is "15 Minutes and Counting." It featured a variety of popular and exciting works of art from artist Andy Warhol. The title of this work could quite possibly have been a play on Warhol's popularity with the pop art movement. Andy Warhol was considered to be and categorized as a "pop artist." This pop art that he was famous for was very loud and untraditional in its composition. Andy explored an easy medium that was accurate when manipulated correctly and produced numerous prints. The medium was sreenprinting. Screen-printing was repetitive and dull so Andy decided to use synthetic polymer paint to spice up the backgrounds and to give each print a different spectrum of color to the uniform prints. One other medium that was skillfully used by Warhol and popular to the public was that of lithography. This was a poster-like look. Herni Toulouse Lautrec first created lithography for artistic purposes. It was originally used for advertisement purposes. In 1891, Lautrec did a lithograph entitled "Moulin Rouge." This became popular to the people alive in the Art Nouveau period of history. All of Andy's works lacked depth and shadows making them strictly two-dimensional. He used cultural icons that were popular at the time in order to preserve their limited time of fame. Andy said, "In the future, everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." I think he meant that everyone shines in one way or another in his or her life, whether it be publically or privately. Another interpretation that I have derived from this is that every cultural icon that is preserved at the time in his artwork will eventually have their fifteen minutes passed up. Upon viewing the exhibit I discovered how hard that it was to find a piece that connected to me through our CULF class considering that I am not familiar with jazz at all. However, I decide upon Andy's work entitled, "The Letter to the World (The Kick).

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