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            According to the article "Much more than fifteen minutes"" by Tyler Maroney in the January 2002 issue for Art News affirm that Andy Warhol" reputation are rising again after fifteen years of his death. Tyler states that this surging of Andy's works has brought collectors to buy his works at elevated cost, such as the Little Electric Chair sold for $2.3 million at the Sotheby's contemporary-art action taking place in London of last year. Tyler assert that many important observers were surprise and amazed how Little Electric Chair was sold at such as high record price which this event could mean that Andy's works are becoming considerably popular on the market of the contemporary art. Moreover, Maroney assert that Warhol" works has been exhibited lately around the world, in countries such as Kazakhstan and Latvia. Many of these exhibitions have been organized by the Andy Warhol museum in Pittsburgh. Other exhibitions organized for various entities and people have been held in places such as New York, Zurich, Berlin and London. Furthermore, Maroney states that observers believed in the increase of purchase of Andy Warhol's works at high prices including millions of dollars, in recent years particularly after Warhol's death is because collectors are interested in buying works of postwar art which they believe Warhol's works fits to this characteristic. The popularity of Warhol's work has increase at such a point that a stamp of one of his self-portrait has been made according to the article and it will be on sale this summer. Also many companies are using Andy Warhol imagery to make money by making market products including wallpaper and dishes, or using them for advertisement in Brands such as British Airways and Mercedes-Benz. According to the article not only Andy's works has been sold at high prices but also properties including Warhol" Montauk estate bought by him in $220.000 and the asking price now up to 50 million.

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