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            In his semi-biographical account of Warhol's impact before, during, and after the sixties simply called "Andy Warhol," Wayne Koestenbaum analyzes the man behind the icon. In the introduction, Koestenbaum talks about Warhol's isolation because of fear of rejection, despite constant cash flow for his work. He also discusses the fact that Warhol was torn between timidity and temerity. Warhol's love of boredom comes up, and, or course, so do his films and repetitious works of art.
             The book actually begins with a section titled "Before" that describes Warhol's life up to the sixties. It begins with his sixteenth birthday, then backs up to his parents" first meeting, and runs quickly through life up until graduation from Carnegie Tech. The next half of the "Before" section chronicles the beginning of pop art or, as Warhol called it, POPism. This part mostly describes Warhol's thoughts that because his cat, Hester, had died, this new movement was born. During this period, he started making ballpoint sketches of, among other things, cats, angels, and feet. These feet drawings were made because of Warhol's foot fetish that began when he did a series of drawings for I. Miller show stores. "The Factory" and Warhol's factory art/ work concept are briefly discussed before the end of this section.
             Next is the longest section titled "The Sixties." First, Koestenbaum talks about how Warhol became a painter and how that slowly turned into being a filmmaker. The entire first part describes some of Warhol's films and analyzes what they actually mean. The, the author talks about Warhol's relationship with Edie Sedgwick, who, soon after meeting him, changed her appearance to that similar to Warhol's and vice versa. The book explains how Edie became the female Andy Warhol and discusses her staring roles in many of his movies. There are also descriptions of how the movies changed after Warhol abandoned Sedgwick.

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