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Andy Warhol

            Andy Warhol was born in 1928 at Pittsburgh of Czechoslovak immigrant parents. In 1954 he left school with a high school diploma and between 1945 and 1949 he studied pictorial design and art history, sociology and psychology at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh. Andy Warhol now sometimes known as the Father of Pop Art is famous for his many examples of the modern style that is known as Pop art. Not only has Warhol greatly contributed to this movement and style of art, but also in many ways, it has been said that he in some ways created it. Andy Warhol's style was certainly part of the select first that were even labeled as "Pop". Andy Warhol used the media, such as TV and newspapers not only as a subject matter but also to his advantage to promote his work and project Pop art into the publics eyes. He was said to have liked all .
             press coverage even if it was good or bad because it was all publicity for him and getting him noticed. Andy Warhol was one of the first pop artists to even be taken seiously and his timing had been perfect when introducing Pop Art. All of the art Andy Warhol sold or displayed was considered as "Pop." There began to be a great interest in his work amd people started waiting for his next project to be announced so they could see what this great artist had been working on next. He always displayed familiar items in simple ways in his work and because his work contained objects that were so familiar, when it was referred to as art, people were forced to see what they usually took for granted in different ways. Andy Warhols style was very unique and even stood out from other pop artists. He was even being separated from Pop artists who were his peers and those he had looked up to, because he was clearly doing different things with his subject matter and his continued success would make Andy Warhol the most recognizable Pop artist to this day.

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