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Gods And Goddesses

             Zeus/Jupiter divided the sovereignty of the world.
             Hades/Pluto got the underworld and shades of the dead.
             Hades did not like the underworld much, but must be content with the vast wealth.
             Jupiter gave him PROSERPINA as a wife, but was fearful to tell the girl's mother, CERES/Demeter. .
             Out of the earth burst Pluto to claim Proserpina in a dark chariot. When Ceres realized her daughter was missing, she neglected her duties on earth and all the crops died.
             Jupiter intervened "said she could have proserpina back as long as she had not accepted food. He sent Mercury to talk to Pluto "Pluto obeyed, but set her out food and drink. She ate six seeds. She had to return to Hades six months of the year---.
             Proserpina is the goddess of spring.
             As a child, the happy Bacchus was chased by the jealous JUNO/HERA. And as he went around he cultivated the culture of the vine. He taught peace, Justice and honorable dealing. Once, Bacchus hired a ship to carry him across the sea. In reality, the ships men were pirates.

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