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Egyptian Mythology

             Do you believe in such myths and fantasies such as Mythology? Do stories of gods and goddesses cheating death and conquering foes interest you? I think many people would be interested to hear a bit about such matters. That is one of the reasons why I chose to do my project on Egyptian Mythology. The study of Egyptian Mythology is a broad one. To make this plausible, I have broken my research down to studying the three main gods in Egyptian Mythology. These gods are: Osiris, Isis, and Horus. Also, many people know a bit about Roman and Greek Mythology. Egyptian Mythology is not as well known to most. Many people who would be interested in a Mythology course in college could benefit from this paper. This topic has always interested me, and has proven to be quite easy for me to gather and put together various information on it.
             Many books have been written on religion in ancient Egypt. This paper is meant only to briefly explain and introduce some of the gods from Egyptian Mythology. In ancient times, religion was much like today. Today, not everyone belives in the same religion or denomination. There are many different gods as well. It is very similar in Pre-dynastic Egypt. They had formulated the ideas and beliefs of a "greater being." Many of these ideas were put into various pictures and hieroglyphics. However, many scholars have suggested that writing was invented to communicate religious concepts and spiritual thoughts to the public. Also, these pictures had various ideas and took on the traits of humans. Much like Jesus, these gods lived, died, hunted, went into battle, ate drank, and had emotions ("Egyptian Mythology" 1).
             The first god I am going to introduce and speak of is Isis. Like many of the other gods, she has many titles. Her titles consist of: The great lady, the God-mother, lady of Sekhet, the queen of Mesen, lady of beer, the beautiful goddess, and the maker of kings ("Isis" 1).

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