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Balder the Glorious

             In the chapter entitled "Baldr and Loki" in R. Page's book, Norse Myths, he takes a close look at the character Balder and how he relates to two very different stories of how he was killed. First is the Snorri version of the Death of Balder and second being the Saxo version. Page states that Baldr "is the best of all gods, fair in complexion and nature, wise, eloquent and full of grace, yet ineffectual."(Page 47) He is mentioned many times throughout Norse mythology but there are few myths actually focused around him. A lot is focused around Baldr's invulnerability. Baldr is the most loved and perfect of the gods and is killed, but later in Norse mythology is reborn when a new better world is created. Page brings up the similarities this has to a popular Christian belief of Jesus Christ's resurrection from death. He points out that this is no coincidence being that it is not only Christians who have this belief. A god who dies and then is resurrected is also a theme in Egypt (Osiris), and Adonis. Whether it is derived from a central story or just the influence of each other's mythology is not concluded (Page 50). .
             In comparing the two myths about how Baldr was killed the Snorri version is much more colorful. The Saxo version is meant to be real history not mythology (Page 51). Baldr is killed when fighting for the throne and a woman Nanna. In this story Baldr is not so perfect playing the role of the aggressor trying to steal Hotherus" throne and woman. This adaptation presents Baldr as a half-god, or semideus, because his parents were false divinities only holding the title in vanity.
             Page gives excellent insight into the character of Baldr. From the perfect beautiful Baldr in Snorri's myth, to the antagonizing power hungry warrior in Saxo's version he is an important symbol for the Norse religion and represents great beauty and goodness.
             Section II. Definition of three Terms.

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