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            Throughout the past month or so, I have had the pleasure of learning about Romanticism and in what ways it can be expressed. Romanticism is a type of poetry, which is usually expressed through writing. Most of Romantic Poets are close to nature, and have a unique style to which the show their feelings. Romanticism is a way of life that many people cling to, to find their "inner self" and live spiritually. The three main values to being a Romantic are Individualism, Exotic Lands, and The Natural World. These three parts also have three subparts that show more detail of each particular value. My interpretation of a Romantic is someone who loves nature, and finds it to be the utmost enjoyable. From the unit I have read and seen many examples of Romanticism that I will be sharing in the rest of the essay. .
             The first thing we did when we began learning about Romanticism is we read 4 Poems, all in which the authors showed the same value of Romanticism. One poem was written by William Cullen Bryant, called To a Waterfowl. In the poem the author compares his lonely life to that of a bird of on its journey of life. The next is a poem where the author compares a flower in the woods to a human, and says how beautiful they both are, and how they need no excuse for being. This poem is called The Rhodora, and was written by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls focuses on the tides of the ocean and how they too relate to life, and represent how life goes on. Last, was The Chambered Nautilus, by Oliver Windel Holmes. In his poem he learns about his soul's journey from contemplating the shell of a sea animal. All of these poems showed the same Romantic value. They were all related to nature. The Romantic value they showed was nature as a source of goodness and wisdom: it's a pure expression of the divine. .
             Another example of a Romantic value from The Natural World is from one of Walt Whitman's poems.

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