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Taras Gregoriovich Shevchenko

             Taras Gregorievich Shevchenko (1814-1861) is one of the greatest Ukrainian poets and painters. He is deeply bellowed by Ukrainians for his patriotism to the country. Schevchenko's poetry is nation wide and was translated in different languages. He was one of the first Ukrainian poets who came from a poor family of serfs and .
             became a famous writer and artist. Taras Shevchenko was a person who was asking for the freedom for his country for many years in his poetry and art peaces. Because of the inexhaustible emotional energy of his poetry, because of his deep compassion for the sufferings of others, Schevchenko will always remain in people's hearts. In this paper I will describe his life from his childhood to the adulthood, and give examples of his work and stories on which those poems were written. .
             Taras Gregorievich Schevchenko was born on March 9, 1814 in .
             the Ukrainian village of Moryntsi. His parents were serfs and lived in.
             poverty. Schevchenko's mother died when he turned nine, so his father got married second time. When Taras turned twelve, his father died and young poet had to live with his father"s wife. Taras's Schevchenko stepmother was a cruel lady, who did not have any compassion towards his loss and kicked him out on the street during the winter without any food or money. He had a miserable existence running errands and doing odd jobs in the neighborhoods. Schevchenko received some education from the teacher in the nearby village, who was a sexton. "Taras lived in the semi starvation, was freezing during winters without any warm clothes or shoes; he got beaten up by the sexton daily, but somehow survived his childhood."(Grodier Incorporated, Academic American Encyclopedia) When Taras was about fourteen he tight up sexton and beat him up. Taras Schevchenko had to run for his life and later joined Lysianko and Khlipnovka icon painters. At this time his painting talent started to develop, so one of the richest landowners in Kiev Ehgelhart, who owned 50,000 serfs in Russian providences, took him as a potential interior decorator on the advice of the local painter.

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