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Greek Gods

            The exisistance of Greek mythology originated when the Greeks did not have answers to things they could not explain. An example of would be the changing of seasons. The Greeks did not know why this happened so they came up with a myth about Persephone, and how she was tricked by Hades to eat a few seeds from the Palmagranate and then forced to stay in the underworld, as Hades" queen, during the fall and winter seasons. Her mother Demeter was the goddess of harvest and became very depressed when her daughter was not with her. Therefor she doesn't harvest anything in the seasons in which her daughter is not with her. The Greeks had many gods and goddesses and there where three distinct classes: The Elder Gods (Titans), The Gods and Goddesses of Mt. Olympus, and The New Gods. The Titans consisted of: Gaea, Uranus, Cronus, Rhea, Oceanus, Tethys, Hyperion, Menemosyne, Themis, Iaptus, Coeus, Crius, Phobe, Thea, Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas, Metis, Dione. The gods and goddesses of Mt Olympus consisted of: Zeus- Father of the Gods. Poseidon- God of seas, he married Aprodidte. Hades- King of the underworld. Hestia-Zeus's sister, eldest of all gods and remained pure. Hera- Zeus's sister and wife, Goddess of marriage and Family.Hermes- Messenger of the gods. Demeter- Goddess of fertility and agriculture. The new gods consisted of Athena- Goddess of wisdom and arts. Aphrodite- Goddess of love. Aries- God of war. Airtimes- Goddess of hunting. Apollo- God of light and music. Dionysis- Goddess of wine and passion. Hercules-Hero, God of strength and bravery. Prometheus- Created humans. The Romans used the Greek myths but changed the names ,the roman names are as follows: Zeus/Jupiter, Hera/Juno, Athena/Minerva, Apollo/Apollo, Airtimes/Diana, Aries/Mars,Aprodidte/Mars,Hermes/Mercurious,Hestia/Vesta,Posiden/Neptune, and Hades/Pluto.

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