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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

            The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is entrenched in years of social, religious, and political distress. It is necessary to understand the history of this conflict because in doing so one will understand the burden and fear that comes with trying to rationalize a solution for the future. The recent violent uprisings concerning this conflict, for example, the Palestinian Intifadas and the invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israel seems only to worsen the viewpoints by both people. Other issues that seem to be significant in this conflict are the borders, security, and control of Jerusalem. As these issues continue to exist, tensions grow and a solution does not seem to be very feasible. .
             For a solution to occur and be sustainable there needs to be dramatic changes in the current state of the conflict. There seems to be a larger and growing gap between the extremes and the moderate people who seem to want peace. However for this to happen. both populations must realize the other person's rights and wants for their state. To get to this point, both states must break the status quo, agree on a division of territories, decide on reliable and safe border which will separate the land and have enough resources and security. The majority of the world seems to agree that a two state solution is the most feasible choice to go about this problem. So in that case, the Jewish people will be in the religious and democratic state of Israel and to create a Palestinian state in the West Bank. Again, for this to occur, it can not only be talking and planning but there must be difficult and moral questions of diversity in terms of: knowing the other person's right to exist, the want for peace and reconciliation, and the genuine desire to coexist. This essay will focus on the different cultural aspects of the Israelis and Palestinians so one can get a better understanding of the complicated situation and can see why a two-state solution is the most realistic option in resolving the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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