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             A conflict is a struggle between two or more objects.
             pulled in many different directions; man versus nature, man versus man, and man versus.
             self are just a few to mention. Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Luis Rodriguez, Kate.
             Chopin , and Sarah Orne Jewett are all authors that address this "conflict of the heart" in.
             their writings.
             Mark Twain's novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a perfect example of.
             how one's heart and morals can change in difficult situations. Huck's journey down the.
             Mississippi River tested him to his limits of being able to handle situations in the way.
             which he had been raised. Huck shows that how one is raised is something that will impact.
             them tremendously in the rest of their life and that it is hard to change from what you've.
             been molded into.
             Huck often has a hard time abiding by rules, keeping himself out of trouble, and.
             comprehending the things he has been taught. However, he does learn one thing, that he is.
             better than the Negroes. So, as young boys, Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer spend a good bit.
             of their time playing tricks on Ms. Watson's slave, Jim. Tricks like these which Huck is.
             never punished for are part of what confirm the teaching that he is in fact better than.
             blacks. This conditioning as a young child is what makes it difficult for him to deal with.
             Jim as an equal later in life. .
             Until the trip down the river Huck's life was something that he never took very.
             seriously. As the river brings Huck and Jim together in a strong friendship, Huck sees that.
             Jim is actually an equal who has feelings. So when it comes time for Huck to go against.
             everything he has ever been taught, he does it, just to save Jim. "All right, then, I"ll go to.
             hell," says Huck just as he decides that he"ll go ahead and do all he can to get Jim out of.
             his life as a "slave" once and for all. This action shows that his sound heart took.
             precedence over everything that his mentors placed in his mind.

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