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Cold War

             Another war developed almost immediately after WWII, known as the COLD WAR. It included US, Great Britain, and Soviet Union that lasted from the 1940s to the late 1980's. 3 Schools of thought were created as to what caused the cold war between the US and SU. The orthodox (traditional) consider Soviet Union imperialism the case. The second thought, the revisionist (during Vietnam) consider US to blame for hostility generated bc US had desire to prevent revolutionary movements that threaten economic status. The 3rd, the tragic or inevitable, sees the cold war as unavoidable or natural consequence of power imbalances. .
             Economic pressure, nuclear intimidation, propaganda, and subversion, rather than military confrontation characterized the conflict between US and SU. In June of 1946, Truman submitted to the UN an atomic-energy control plan requiring the SU to stop all work on nuclear weapons and to submit to a system of UN control and inspection before the US would destroy its own atomic arsenal. Soviets rejected proposal. Mutual hostility escalated and Soviets and American rushed to develop doomsday weapons. Truman outlined the Truman Doctrine, which laid the foundation for American Cold war policy that would endure for much of the next 4 decades. Truman wanted to end the economic devastation in Europe so he comprised the Marshall Plan that would help the hungry and homeless in all European countries. .

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