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Cold war

             The cold war started before the World War had ended.II, the Russian economy was at the bottom of the bucket. They had requested much money from America to help defer war costs. Having had already supplied the soviets with vast numbers of trucks, jeeps, planes, and tanks during the war, the soviets were pushing their luck. There was no way of paying back the United States for an extremely long period of time and funding was stopped. .
             The soviets were very stubborn during the end of the war, and the period following it. They wanted to gain as much land and money as possible. This started territorial disputes and caused loans to go unpaid. Tensions started to grow. .
             The culture differences began to take on strong roles. With Russia in a deep depression, it needed a quick fix, so that they could get back on their feet again. They found this window of opportunity in communism. In this system, all members under the aristocracy are equal. Everyone has a job and food on the table. Although ruled by a dictator, at least the citizens would be able to survive and live.
             The United States, having a capitalized system, resented the communist government. It was felt that this dictatorship method of running the country was both wrong and unnecessary. The system gave all the power to a select few at the top and ruled its people with an iron fist. .
             Not only did the United States hate the communist system but also, they believed that it would spread like the plague throughout Europe. The last thing that was needed at the time was more communisms.
             During the early 40s, a nuclear arms race had begun. The United States successfully made and dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan. The Soviet Union had a race of their own. It was discovered that the Russians had nuclear technologies as well. A disarmament treaty had begun. All existing fusion bombs were to be destroyed and the projects for producing more were to stop. .
             The United States wanted to keep their monopoly on the atom bomb.

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