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Social Media and Contemporary Society

            Most individuals can agree that Social Media has become the center of our civilizations attention here in the 21st century, specifically on our mobile phones. Never before has technology and the World Wide Web combined been this prevalent in society, so prevalent that it has become a part of our everyday lives, Social Media and networking as a whole is the one particular link connecting all of modern technology, is this a bad thing or a good thing? I say Good! Some will argue that it leads to a lack of connection to real people in the real world or that it leads to more harm than good with cyber bullying issues and traffic accidents from distracted drivers, while others will argue all of the advantages this connection has, allowing people to share more ideas much faster to more people, as one example. Just like with everything else in the world there are positive and negatives that one must consider; I myself would have to say that the pros outweigh the cons. Sure, we have the occasional negative outcome because of social media, or the obsessive use of technology in general, but look at how many lives have been saved through the rapid spread of information, and the support for fundraisers and other causes helping to find lost children, pets, and even raise money for life saving surgeries, the positive outcomes for these cases would not be possible without the vast world of social networking.
             One very important thing to point out is that Social media (think Facebook and twitter) and social networking is not the same thing, here's the difference. According to Fauzie Burke, Founder of FSB associates a Major online marketing company, "Social Media is the media, or content, that you upload" (Blog, video, podcast, or simply text). According to the same source "Once you decide what media you are going to use you then post it on the appropriate social network" some common examples of Social networks are "Twitter," "Facebook," or "Instagram.

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