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Identity and Social Networking

             Facebook is considered to be the world's largest Social Networking site of the 21st century.23 billion people log onto Facebook monthly and 757 million networkers log in each day (The Guardian, 2014). Other sites such as Twitter and Instagram have also become a large part of most individual's social networking habits. In this case study I will analyse how it is possible for users of social networks to create their personal identities and how it may affect their self-esteem. .
             Description .
             A study has shown that more than fifty per cent of children have used online social networks by the age of 10 (The Daily Mail, 2014). The predominant social networking site is Facebook. It enables users to create individual profiles to which they add images of themselves, write statuses about their daily activities or their feelings and contact other Facebook 'friends'. However, Boyd and Ellison (2007) recognise that the word 'friends' used throughout social networks may be deceptive. An example of this is two individuals speaking on Facebook everyday but never meeting in person.
             Another social networking platform (which may be the most important when it comes to identity formation) is Instagram. It is described as "a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures" (Instagram, 2014). This platform allows individuals to upload images that they have taken; a typical Instagram feed usually consists of consumerism, celebrities and "selfies". These images are then exposed to other users. By using images to represent yourself, it allows your followers to create their own views of your personality allowing you to create your own personal identity. The amount of "likes" an individual gets on their image may reduce or increase their self-esteem. .
             Twitter is another dominant form of social networking which has the same concept as Facebook; however you can follow different users of your choice dependent on their interests.

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