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The Dangers of Social Networking

            People use social networks for different purposes.
             to use social networks to communicate with people they need to. Other.
             people use social networks with the purpose of getting information. It is.
             extremely comfortable when people are free to get everything they need.
             using only one site. Every coin has the reverse side; in this case the use.
             of social networks brings not only positive consequences to people. There.
             are many dangers when it comes to the use of social networks. The first.
             danger of social networks is that the information represented online by.
             users can be used by anyone, and not always in the appropriate way.
             Moreover, not all information represented online is true and valid. Both.
             issues create danger for users of social networks; they should mind them in.
             order to prevent unpleasant consequences of social networking.
             It is not difficult at all to learn something about someone using.
             social networks. It reminds one of the FBI data base; each profile contains.
             a photo, date of birth, preferences, place of work, the list of people a.
             person is attached to and even future plans. It seems natural that people.
             want to share their life with the others, but it is inappropriate when it.
             comes to the correlation between real life value of the information.
             represented at Facebook or MySpace and the high degree of accessibility of.
             this information for the other users.
             The emergence of fake accounts is gaining rapid speed. People can.
             easily steal and apply the information represented in one's account. There.
             are a number of people who think of themselves as socially awkward who join.
             social network sites and create profiles that display fake information and.
             pictures that aren't really of them. Then other users befriend them not.
             knowing that the person they are sharing intimate details of their life.
             with isn't really the person that they think they are. This is a scary.
             reality. As freelance writer David Disalvo states, "A person could not even.

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