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Affirmative Freedom in Using the Internet

            In nowadays, most parents and teenagers are debating on a serious issue on whether to let their children have unsupervised access to the social websites or not. Although some people assume the Internet is having a negative impacts on the society;, however, applying unsupervised access of networks for teenagers is not the case. Internet has been beneficial for not only teenagers but also adults in their daily liveslife. Also, teenagers use social websites in various ways and for different purposes as well. Basically, the internet is one of the primary resources that assist them to complete homework. It contributes to many easements. Humans' lives would be extremely inconvenient without Internet or the limitations access to the websites. Three of the main reasons why parents should provide unsupervised access for teenagers are because students owns their privacy, teenagers should?could take responsibility foron their actions, and communication is a huge part of the modern society as well. .
             On the other hand, others might recommend parents to monitor teenagers while they are using the internet because of the riskiness of social networks. First of all, teenagers might surf on inappropriate websites for non-educational purposes. Apparently, there are many websites that are being ranked, so if the teenagers don't use it wisely it will transfer improper or wrong informations to them. Still, parents should give their children lessons about how to use social networks properly, so parents will not have to be anxious every time when teenagers are using social networks. Nevertheless, teenagers might face cyber bully issues on the Internet. Offenders are also used to take advantage of the Internet to bully others, which is a weapon that can harm others easily, because they can't tell who is sitting on the other side of the Internet. Though, teenagers can still avoid from getting cyber bully by others with the unsupervised access to the social networks.

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