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Affirmative Action

             Affirmative action should be abolished. Affirmative action's original intent was to undo past prejudices against minorities, including women. It might have been necessary in the beginning to make everything fair and equal for everyone, but now it has became a tool to "get even," especially against white males. It provides a double standard. It practices everything this government is supposed to be against. This includes discrimination, prejudice, and limited freedom for certain groups. Prejudice in any form should not be allowed or tolerated in the United States. Affirmative action allows it and encourages it. .
             The government should be prohibited from discriminating or granting preferential treatment based on race, sex, color or nationality. By allowing this bill to be law, the government is saying that discriminating for everyone is ok except basically for white males. They are saying that it is alright to discriminate against qualified white males in the work force, promotions, and universities. The government is finally seeing that the people will have no more of this. There are several lawsuits against affirmative action and states are rallying to ban affirmative action. An example is that the judge is upholding president Bush's anti-affirmative action plan.
             Affirmative action is a form of reverse discrimination. An example is when some colleges are saying no to hundreds of white males and then admitting hundreds of minorities with lower grades and test scores and who are not even college ready. Again affirmative action's purpose was to see that minorities and woman of equal qualifications be fairly treated. But it now basically forces employers and others to accept minorities and women even if they are not qualified. Affirmative action's weapon of choice is a lawsuit or the threat of one. More specifically, "The university's law school is the defendant in a reverse discrimination class-action lawsuit over the practice of admitting minority students with lower grades and test scores than whites" (Internet).

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