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Human Resources Management

            Recruitment is the process of seeking and attracting a pool of qualified applicants from which candidates for job vacancies can be selected. (Stone, 2002, 174) .
             It is a process that involves identifying recruitment source - determining where qualified candidates can be located and developing recruitment methods - choosing specific means of attracting potential employees to the organization. An organization need to do this in the context of a recruitment policy. (Sneddon, Monash University Lecture Notes, 2003) .
             Recruitment is not simply just hiring people. Newell and Shackleton quote in Bach & Sisson(2000,p.111) said that "hiring the "right' people is of paramount importance and this is dependent on effective recruitment and selection procedures, which aim to select the right' individuals and reject the wrong' ones-. .
             Recruitment involves making predictions about future behavior so that decisions can be made about who will be most suitable for a particular job. Predictions must always be couched in terms of probabilities because the future is unpredictable. .
             There are 2 (two) goals of recruitment, first is to generate a large pool of applicants from which to choose, and second is to provide enough information for individuals to self-select out of the process (Decenzo & Robbins, 2002, p. 169). .
             2.1.1 Recruitment Policy.
             Recruitment Policy provides the framework for recruiting action and reflects the organization's recruitment objectives (Stone, 2002, p. 176).
             Some items to be considered in the development of a recruitment policy include:.
             -EEO and AA - will EEO and AA policies be applied only where legally required or universally. .
             - Promotion from within - will internal or external candidates are preferred?.
             - Recruiting personnel from local, interstate, or international sources.
             - Permanent part-time and casual employment.
             - Hiring people with disabilities.
             - Hiring women and members of minority groups.

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