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Behind the Scenes in Human Resources

             This paper will go through what all the human resources management team really has going on behind the scenes. Most people believe that they are the ones that are just hiring and firing people and that is all, but there is so much more than meets the eye with these very important workers to the company. As you continue to read through the paper you will find out not only do they help run the company, but they are the ones making sure that it runs at top speed. Making sure that they have the right programs, people, systems, and companies invested into the company. The CEO might be the one that you always see on the news and looks like they are the ones really running the company, but after this paper you are going to have a different view on who really is the star player on the team. .
             "Human resources, also known as HR, can be defined as all information concerning an organization's human resources and can include various data elements such as head count, fluctuation, age distributions, position of talent pools, use and effectiveness of training and development initiatives, or data sources such as the employee surveys, performance management, succession planning and other forms of workforce-related information". (Templer, Hofmeyr, Rall, p. 551).
             When talking about human resource some people think that all these guys can do for a company is just help with the hiring and firing of employees and that is it, but today I hope to be able to grant you more of an inside look and what really goes on inside of the world of human resources. All of the long hours making sure that the company is running at top speed and ready to go for the next day are vital to a company. The human resources departments, to me, are the people that make your business go, because it is up to them to make sure that you are getting the right people, business, and distributors to come and work for your company.

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