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Human Resource Management

             In an increasing economic environment, it has become difficult to assemble a capable well functioning work-force and even harder to maintain one. Businesses are aware of the value of their investment in human resources. Established well functioning staff may appear a straight forwarded linear process but through orientation,development, and hiring managers have the ability to select and nurture employees to closely fit a company's culture and performance requirement. Human Resource Management is taking on a consultative role to management within organizations. Many established personnel procedures are being abandoned to increase organizational flexibility, and provide greater agency level responsiveness to both internal and external clientele needs. Human Resource Management helps line managers accomplish recruitment, selection, retention, training, and compensation. These tasks are required to maintain a high quality workforce. .
             Human resources are a vital investment for most companies. They represent a significant portion of overhead costs. For this reason, recruiting.
             valuable, qualified and competent employees is essential. Recruitment if the process of finding and attracting the best people to fill vacancies in new or existing jobs within any type of organization. This includes non profit and public agencies at every level of government. Recruitment can be done internally from existing employees or externally. Regardless of who is in charge of the recruitment process the equal opportunity should be involved in planning for the recruitment effort. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) have listed six guidelines for employees to follow in establishing fair recruitment practices. They are:.
             1. Analyze current recruitment guidelines to eliminate discrimination barriers as word of mouth. .
             2. Establish objective measures to monitor applicant pool in the .

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