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Human Resource Roles

            HR Roles and Responsibilities Paper .
             Human Resource Management are the policies and practices one needs to carry out the people or human resource aspects of a management position, including recruiting, screening, training, rewarding, and appraising. (Dessler, 1999) There are basic functions all managers perform which are planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. These represent what is often called the management process. Staffing, personnel management, or human resource management is the function for the organization to focus on today's workforce environment. It includes activities like recruiting, selecting, training, compensating, appraising, and developing. .
             In my organization, Malca-Amit is a full service courier firm with a 21 year record of providing the highest quality personalized service and the most efficient logistic solutions for diamonds, jewelry, gold, coins, bank notes, and valuable documents. Our Human Resource department ensures that Malca-Amit maintains a highly motivated, productive, and satisfied work force by providing leading-edge training, technology tracking capabilities, outstanding safely, renowned benefits, and dedicated personnel services. Our continuing solid success, new tracking technologies, and unique corporate philosophy of Malca-Amit make it the right choice for dedicated our employees who look for challenge in the areas such as:.
             • HR Information Systems .
             • Training and Development .
             • Compensation and Benefits .
             • Recruitment and Staffing Support .
             • Employee Relations .
             • Diversity .
             • Affirmative Action/EEO .
             • Safety .
             • Human Resources Management .
             Human Resource Management Responsibilities.
             Human Resource management is a part of every manager's responsibilities. These Human Resource responsibilities include placing the right person in the right job, and then orienting, training, and compensating to improve his or her job performance.

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