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Role of Human Ressurces Management

            In today's ever-changing business world, Human Resource management is an integral part of a company's success or failure. In the described HR article, Human Resources departments balance the demands of several different roles: strategic alignment of human resource management policies, effective communication, employee empowerment and involvement, planned training and development, teams and teamwork and review and continuous improvement. These elements, however, also determine the relationship between business partner, internal consultant, operational and administrative expert and both employee and employer advocate significantly. Therefore, the focus on the people management is a critical factor that directly effect on how well a company can establish the excellence-type of business and sustained business results and performance. .
             In my opinion, Human Resource Management in general is to ensure that a company's human capital contributes to the accomplishment of its business objectives or practically changing and implementing a sequence of internal HR policies to ensure effective contribution from a company's human capital to the achievement of business objectives. This thought reflects to the six people management activities mentioned in the article:.
             áP Strategic alignment of human resource management policies.
             áP Effective communication.
             áP Employee empowerment and involvement.
             áP Training and development .
             áP Teams and teamwork .
             áP Review and continuous improvement.
             Each of these people management activities has its unique perspective. In the sense of strategic alignment of HRM, it emphasis what should be positioned on the improvement of human capital and than aligned an overall business strategy that contributes towards success of the company. Further more, two of the most decisive factors for effective organizations are quality and service.

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