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Elements of Human Research Management

             Human resource management consists of four core elements that contribute to the achievement of desired organizational objective's and goals and effectiveness of management in a workforce. The four elements of human resource management are administrative, behavioural, motivation and strategy.
             Administrative HRM requires a number of basic functions which exist to signify the most crucial and accepted elements of HRM. These functions include recruitment and selection, induction, training, alignment of jobs, employee development, pay, performance appraisal, compliance with legislation and remuneration and reward packages. These functions are fundamental in order for an organization to run efficiently and effectively. Other factors such as customers, suppliers and technology need to be taken into consideration by management in order to coordinate labour with (Sappy, 2009).
             The behavioral element of human resource management is the discipline of psychology. The behavioral perspective is a significant element in HRM given that in order for workplace strategies to be implemented effectively, various strategies require different role behaviors and attitudes from employees. A set of desired behaviors that contribute to organizational effectiveness can include taking responsibility of another employees work by completing their tasks, willingness to learn, being flexible and conducting oneself in ways that are consistent with an organization's objectives and goals. Behavioral HRM has been developed as a framework to demonstrate that management policies and practices influence what work gets done and how it is done.
             Motivation is a key element in HRM and essentially derives an organizations success. Management can motivate employees through job specification, responsibilities, recognition, achievement, performance management and so on.

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