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What is Human Resources Management

            WHAT IS HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT? Human resources management refers to the practices and policies you need to carryout the personnel aspects of your management job, specifically acquiring, training, appraising, rewarding, and providing a safe and fair environment for your company's employees. These practices and policies include, for instance: Conducting job analyse Planning labour needs and recruiting job candidates Selected job candidates Orienting and training new employees Managing wages and salaries Providing incentives and benefits Apprising performance Communicating Training and developing Building employee commitment Also Human Resource Managers should know about: equal opportunity and affirmative action, Employee health and safety, Grievances and labor relations. (Management Concept & Practices) Human Resources Management in The Organisation If we want the Human Resources roles fulfil effectively, the top manager of the department should be at the top of the organisational hierarchy, with line authority to the chief executive officer. The top manager and staff of the Human Resources Department are increasingly expected to be functional experts, capable administrators, business consultants, and problem solvers. Specialised human resource expertise is also important.Particularly now in combination with business knowledge and perspective. In flexible organisations, problem solving and consulting skills are vital in guiding and supporting adoption of new management practices. Managers would like human resource staff to work closely with them to help solve their people - related problems as efficiently and promptly as possible, allowing them to give more attention to other concerns. While managers may best understand their own people they increasingly seek help in handling people problems. As human resource staff becomes more capable and effective, managers seek to work with them as partners.

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