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Technology - Stealing Our Identities

            Is Technology Stealing Our (Self) Identities?.
             Technology is an essential need in everybody's life. Without technology, majority of things would not be able to materialize. As for me, technology had made my life easy and quick. As for others technology takes a toll on lives from hiding their true identity. This results in some of the issues society faces.
             Technology overtakes our self-identity it amplifies the feeling of invisibility that can influence the perceptions that we have on our self.
             A study in 2012 concluded that impersonal written communications, such as texts message and social media posts, made humans feel lonelier than before these types of technology were introduced. This trend affected those who were 35 and younger.
             Generally as the Internet has changed the way we purchase or download music, arrange our yearly travels, and do research for school papers, it has likewise influenced how we collaborate with each other on a social level. Through the utilization of social media, individuals can trade photographs, features, offer news or stories and even post their musings and also take part in online exchanges. Social media additionally permits organizations to develop their business by publicizing with destinations, for example, Facebook and Twitter by making their cooperation's among purchasers that all the more simple. With the increment in online action, there are worries about the routes in which our individual data gets gathered and utilized by social networking to figure out what's a hot drifting subject or what we really need as a single person. .
             According to market research data released this year from GFK, a German market research institute, the amount of time teens spend online has grown 37 percent since 2012, to about four hours a day. In a 2010 survey from the Girl Scout Research Institute, 74 percent of girls said they felt their peers used social media to "make themselves look cooler than they are," and 41 percent said that also describes them.

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