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            Has the advancement of technology made the world a more safe or dangerous place? In my opinion I believe that it has made the wolrd a much more dangerous place. There are many reasons that I can back my opinion up with, but here are some major ones. Weapons, there is a major problem with weapons in city's the past few years. Everyone knows if you go in to a bad part of a city you are always in danger of being held up at gun point because of poverty and people being desperate for money or expensive items. If you go back 30 years your chances of that happening are much lesser. Weapons are more common easier to come upon and much more advanced. There is a plus to new weapon technology, our soldiers now have more defense and can keep us safe and enhance our chances of winning wars. Self defense is also an issue, but the same guns that are used for self defense are also used against people. Over all weapon technology has drastically sky rocketed, but it has become too easy to get your hands on many of the weapons.
             Another major reason why technology has made the world a much more dangerous place is the Internet. Internet starting out being an innocent way to connect the world together with people to people interaction through a box which is semi expensive. But now it has turned into a major search engine where you can get anything and everything. It is much to easy to find out where someone lives or what there phone number is, even a picture of the person through a simple task of typing in there name. This has greatly increased peoples worries about what they can put into the computer and what not to. For example Sally Sue is shopping online for clothing and she puts in her credit card number and social security number, Billy Bob the computer hacker is now waiting for someone to make a transaction and is logged onto the same site, he can find out what information she put in there and steal her identity and take her money.

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