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Ethical and Information Security Dilemmas

            Ethics and security are two very important building blocks to a business. Yet, many people neglect ethics as an important concept in the work place. As new forms of technology evolve rapidly into the workplace, it poses new challenges for our ethics "the principles and standards that guide our behavior toward other people (Baltzan 2014). In other words ethics helps distinguishing right from wrong, and good from bad. A study on Data Security Breaches revealed that sixty-nine percent of companies reported serious data leaks responded that their data security breaches were the result of either malicious employee activities or non-malicious employee error (Vontu 2014). Since the percentage is high, this makes employee involvement the first line of defense. Meetings and training sessions help ensure that employees are trustworthy enough to work for your business. .
             Information and data protection is crucial, however information can be made more secure by training your employees. The Broadway Café will need to train their employees as part of their business strategies to be able to protect itself and their employees. A training session on ethics will help improve employees' focus their attention on their own personal responsibility (Mooney & Demand Media 2014). Some training session that would be useful would be to demonstrate different types of stealing. Stealing just doesn't have to be about stealing money or goods from a business, but it could also be time. Time is just like an item, therefore you are stealing from the business you work for. Another important training exercise would be to train employees to never leaving the cash registers unattended and never write down passwords. These training sessions will help the employee to learn on what is to be expected of them and how to work to the best of their ability. The company benefits from this training because it helps employees create a sense of responsibility, therefore creating a secure work place (Mooney & Demand Media 2014).

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