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The Ethics of Counseling

            Ethics can be defined as a philosophical treatment of a moral order (Bonhoeffer, 2009). There are various codes of ethics established to govern different practices for example nursing, teaching, and counseling codes of ethics. Counseling is an act of helping a person in need where a counsellor meets a client usually in a private and confidential area to look into a problem faced by the client after the client request for the service. The problem may be in a form of anguish suffered by the client, frustrations in life matters or even disappointments where the clients may lose taste in life as nothing seems fulfilling (Anonymous, 2009). .
             The counsellor listens to the clients and uses his or her psychology skills to get the problem from the client's point of view and thereafter suggests points of change of the client's attitude towards the specific situation thereby reducing confusion and introducing a sense of direction. There are various ethics in line with counseling, for instance; confidentiality in handling of clients' information, safety of the client and those surrounding him/her, lack of discrimination under all circumstances, and not being involved in sexual or other social affiliation with the clients (Waichler, 2010). In this paper, I will look into confidentiality and dual or multiple relations as the main ethical issues of concern in my counseling work.
             General Standards of Counseling Associations.
             Many associations have been set in regard to the practice of counseling process. There are usually set standards by which the members of the associations should abide to throughout their term of service as counsellors.

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