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Internet Privacy: Should more be done to protect privacy?

            In the 21st Century, many computer users turn to the internet for their daily activities and it eventually became a part of their daily lives. In these times many processes that involve and depended on paperwork were now relied on servers, which were machines that help us relay the information to and from our computer. These servers containing our personal information can help us identify ourselves throughout the internet. However, there are many ways in which information can be used to disclose our personal information to anyone. While there has been an increasingly amount of computer users on the internet, many have had their piracy invaded by many strangers. However, not many users may know the exact amount of security that is involved in each of their daily activities. Yet, some believe that all information is very and under protection. However it is not secure and it can also occur through e-mails, e-commerce and websites. .
             An E-mail is a user-friendly tool in which we use to communicate with one another. However, every time a customer buys a new car, have a baby or make a purchase online, they are subjected to an e-mail list that causes junk mail to arrive at their mailbox. (Givens) Therefore, this causes customers to have no privacy in the e-mail system as it is being exposed to companies or strangers, and it prevents from having any control over it. Although junk mail can always be deleted, this exposure does not protect us from computer viruses. Moreover, each e-mail that is sent or received can be intercepted along its way and can be read and changed by anyone. (Stoddart) This can cause important messages to be seen by someone other than the intentional person. Since an e-mail is faceless, many times our privacy can be invaded when someone writes an e-mail under our name, expressing opinions without our knowledge while leaving us to deal with any problems it may cause.

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