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A Closer Look at Social Media

            Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Myspace are just a few of the countless social media websites that have been playing a major role amongst the teens of our society. Social media can lead one to major problems or even give people a solution to their problems. Social media is mainly used by teenagers as a form of communicating with each other. ┬áThe use of the internet helps us communicate more conveniently. People are using their I-Phones, smart phones and even other internet devices to access the internet, so they can use the social networks. These electronic gadgets make the use of social network close to our hand and very simple. Social media helps contact our friends, family, and other acquaintances easy even when they live far away. Social media is actually very helpful, unless you let it get in your way of being active in real life more than you are on virtual life of social media. .
             The adults today are worried about the teens and their usage of social media. This is because they think the teens are losing their social life in the real world. Instead of hanging out with friends in the malls and parks, they are socializing through the virtual world of social media. Danah Boyd says in "It's Complicated" that "social media services like Facebook and Twitter are providing teens with new opportunities to participate in public life" which illustrates that social media services are helping teens connect with each other like they do in real life. I agree with Boyd, social media brings opportunities to some teens that can't be out after certain times to talk to their friends like they do in real life while multitasking, like eating or listening to music. Boyd also says "Networked publics are both in the spatial sense and in the sense of an imagined community. They are built on and through social media and other emergent technologies. As spaces, the networked publics that exist because of social media allow people to gather and connect, hang out, and joke around.

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