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Media And Race

            Class, race and power all play a major part in the news media, which is a large .
             The perpetuation of racism in Australian society is blamed .
             on the mainstream news media, as racist preconceptions are reflected and reinforced .
             through the use of racialised messages. The news media not only perpetuates racism in .
             society but also creates subtle notions of bias and exclusion by stereotyping certain .
             groups. In turn the media has the power to impose particular values and beliefs, framing .
             society's experience of social reality.
             In theory the news media, is a democracy, expected to nurture an informed .
             audience by providing balanced and impartial reporting of events and issues. However, .
             the news media has a much larger role in shaping the way members of a society think and .
             behave. One of the goals of the media should be to represent the prevailing differences of .
             culture, opinion and social conditions of the populations as a whole. Unfortunately this .
             isn't the case in contemporary media, as the images of minority groups are depicted .
             negatively. Therefore, the media is important in regards to race and ethnicity because it is .
             the primary source of indirect or mediated experiences that reinforce racial attitudes and .
             beliefs. Many stories in the newspapers with regards to Aboriginal people have been of a .
             negative attitude, continually referring to acts of criminality and deviance. It is not very .
             often that a news story regarding the success of an Aboriginal person is portrayed. Thus, .
             mass media can be viewed as a place where reality is constructed and racism is produced. .
             It is no secret that the news media is market-driven, therefore they are not merely .
             a tool to inform the public; they are also mechanisms that construct social reality through .
             the placement of coded messages that reinforce an idea of what is good, acceptable, and .
             desirable. Those in control of the media output to a large extent, define society's beliefs .

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