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            Race is a group of people who are distinguished from other groups on the basic of certain BIOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS. It is one of the most important and determinant aspects in someone's life. Even though I do not agree and accept this fact. Society has made it a major issue basing a person by the color of their skin, their culture, religious beliefs, and gender. Each one of these aspects determines what someone is capable of doing in society's development. The color of a person's skin has been for ages and centuries the most determinant aspect for someone. In early Americas black people were not considered people but animals. The white settlers used to have hateful attitudes against blacks. This could unfortunately lead to violent and evil actions. There were a lot of contributing factors that lead to this problem, but we cannot deny the fact that: social structural factors contributed in important part in "institutional racism- through four important areas-the media, education the economy and government.
             Mass media:.
             The portrayal of minorities in the media has tended to perpetuate various negative stereotypes: movie, TV program, radio (before 1960s) portrayed black American a lazy, inferior, stupid and dishonest. Nowadays, such things do not be made clearly but sometimes, it still implies and has a bad affect on people thinking.
             Racial and ethnic minorities still do not receive equitable treatment in the media.
             Centuries before, white-born man was very different to a black-born man. The white boy grew up differently than the black boy. The white people always had opportunity for education, to go where ever he wanted, to get paid for his work, to own property, and the most important of all: to express himself. Instead, the black boy was not able to study, could not learn to read and write, could not move around the town or city by the places he wanted, had the obligation to work but was not paid for it and he never could express his thoughts.

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