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Hitlers Aryan Race

             During World War Two Hitler started one of the biggest, most hated thing during his rein. He started what was known as the Holocaust, which prosecuted anyone with Jewish roots and any other small minorities that didn't have blonde hair, blue eyes, and that were physically fit. This became know as Hitler's Aryan race. Also included in his hate were homosexuals and anyone who wasn't fully German, this making him one of the biggest hypocrites in his time because he had some Jewish roots in him and was a Trans-sexual. The Aryan Race was what the German leader, Adolf Hitler lived by and how he judged people when they were brought to his concentration camps throughout Germany. His reason for starting the Aryan Race was to try and get rid of all the Jews and other non German minorities that he didn't agree with or like for no reason. If you really look at it Hitler didn't match the Aryan Race with his dark hair and dark eyes. Hitler's form of racism was probably the most offending form that has ever been executed in the world. He put thousands to death because of nationality and looks. In concentration camps the Aryan Race kept you alive or put you to death, which it did many people during WWII. .
             So in the end the Aryan Race was put to death and Adolf Hitler's dreams were shattered. Hitler's attempt to make the world his and to have one race didn't happen and if it did happen this world would be different today. I think that if he would have went about his cause in the right way and not the way that he did he may have been successful and may have changed many lives.

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