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Hitler and racism

            The irony of his birth; two brothers before Adolf Hitler had died prematurely shortly after birth. When Adolf was born healthily, the mother praised that he was a "gift from God." Ironical that out of the three, only the one who would grow to wreck havoc in the world lived. .
             Hilter's hatred for Jews is largely due to three reasons. Jews were not liked very much by other (Christian) races as they believed that they were the only chosen people by God. Secondly, Hitler's mother had died from breast cancer, and the doctor that attended to his mother's care was Jewish, and Hitler largely blamed the death of his mother to him. Lastly, Hitler had always dreamed of being an artist, but when he applied to an art university, he was rejected, and seven out of ten judges that rejected his applications were Jews. .
             Reason that Hitler could have easily rose to power was largely due to these reasons. After WW1, Germany lost the war and suffered much humility. The Treaty of Versailles held Germany responsible for the World War and Germany had to compensate for the loss/damage. This put Germany's economy in the state of depression, and the Working Class people grew. Germans were eager to regain back their lost pride, and here rose Hitler, a gifted public speaker, who appealed to the mass; the working class people. .
             At first the Jews had to wear the "star of David" stickers on their arms. Then they were banned from public places. Then they were holed up in ghettos; a confined area of buildings where they could not get out of. Nazi soldiers freely entered the ghettos and murdered random Jews at will. Then the holocausts were made, and Jews were transported there, separated from their family and loved ones. .
             The Auschwitz is the most famous of all holocausts. 6 million Jews had died there. .
             The holocaust inmates were made up of Jews, gypsies and blacks; those that did not fit to survive in the world (Hitler's Aryan race believes).

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