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Heinrich Himler

            "If you want to know what Hitler was thinking, look at what Himmler was doing. The essence of the popular understanding of the Holocaust is that Hitler ordered the genocide and that his followers persecuted and killed the Jews because they hated them. .
             Richard Breitman, author of the Architect of Genocide, disagrees with this functionalist view. he argues that Hitler, and the SS did indeed opt for mass murder because the logic of their anti-semitism, holding all Jews to be an implacable, mortal danger to Germany's existance, caused them to choose the most thorough going "final" solution imagineable. However, Breitman rightly conceives of Himmler as the geonocides "architect" whom Hitler commissioned and later monitored. He adds that the Holocaust and the concentration camps were Himmler's infernal creation.
             An early Nazi, Himmler participated in the Beer Hall Putsh in Munich in 1923 and in 1929 he became the head of the fledgling SS, the Nazi Praetorian gaurd and eventually the revival and vanquisher of Rhom and the SA. Gradually, through masterful organizational skills, astute manuevering in the corridors of Nazi power, and a thorough devotion to his leader, he gathered all police and security powers under his control and built the SS, the most powerful institution in Germany.
             Breitman uses this information to acknowledge Himmlers virtually unchecked power in Europe. Genocide, enslavement, despoliation, and the creation of new "men" were issued from his nazified world view, at the center of which was a fantasy prone racism and anti-semitism, which held all Jews to be Germany's foremost and deadliest enemies.
             Their racism and anti-semitism led each to become obsessed with the "ideal" of extirpating the putative perniciousness of the Jews. Hitler, the visionary leader, conceived and laid down the outlines of the Nazi policy toward the Jews.

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