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Hero's Journey

             Every day he would go down to his lab and try to unlock the secrets of the human mind. His cognitive science position was a very complex job, of course. It often was frustrating work. His world was at a very competitive age and the government he worked for had wanted to know more about the abilities of a single human being. Dr. Heinrich had been selected into a special program where he would experiment with the mind in all areas. But, the mind was a very fragile thing and he would find himself having multiple patients due to fatalities and irreversible damage that would stop his searches short of success. Dr. Heinrich was a very thankful man of course. His whole project was sponsored entirely by His government. His only commitment was to search for any answers not known to the world. But, His only restraint was to keep those answers hidden in the hands of his country's secret services.
             One day Dr. Heinrich was looking into the human response to pain. He had made injuries into his patients that, if not treated properly, would prove to be fatal. He hadn't discovered anything new but had sought to track every detail that had happened. Everything that day had simply been an expected result. The next morning he had stumbled into his lab still feeling a bit tired. Continuing his research, he set up his patients and performed experiments on their wounds. The first patient's responses to a medium cut in his leg had been the same if he hadn't had the chemical in his body that was supposed to numb his limb without causing side effects of dizziness, unconsciousness, and a seizing of motor skills in his legs. Dr. Heinrich soon became angry at the results. .
             Looking back at his months of unproductive findings sent him reaching for his chemical table and knocking everything off the surface. Although his lab guards were still at their post unfazed from his rage, He looked down to find that the man at his side was in excruciating pain.

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