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Journey of a Hero

            Even our greatest, fiercest, wisest warriors and heroes have shortcomings and flaws that can be exposed in a variety of ways. Seemingly invincible, Gilgamesh and other immortals or near immortals had their curiosity get the better of them, as they strive to learn whether death truly is inevitable. The instructions and lessons learned by our heroes throughout their journeys are complex and not easily understood. A complete understanding of all the texts we have read is essential in order to maximize comprehension of individual situations amongst our heroes. The proper frame of mind, for both our heroes, and readers can be developed throughout the journey, yet cannot be easily learned. A series of trials and tribulations, while deterring our hero from their goal, will eventually harden them as a character. It is through our hero, that we ultimately gain the perspective needed to understand the Tao, the meaning of life, and the concept of death, among others. .
             Gilgamesh is a powerful man. At the start of the story, he does not yet have the full capability to accept and analyze both his abilities and limitations. When a double for Gilgamesh, his second self (Mitchell 10) is created, Enkidu enters the fold. As Gilgamesh's supposed double, Enkidu is so huge and powerful, that when people see him, they are struck with awe (Mitchell 11). Gilgamesh forms a plan to tame Enkidu and lure him in rather than capture him or harm him. Gilgamesh solicits Shamhat, a priestess to lure Enkidu in with her "love-arts" (Mitchell 12). This makes for a very ironic development in our reading. "He doesn't seem to expect, however, that the wild man has been sent by the gods to civilize him." (Mitchell 12) Gilgamesh, who has not yet become as wise as he would like to believe, behaves in a very naive way here, as he overlooks the true purpose of gaining his ally, Enkidu. .
             Gilgamesh and Enkidu are initially united in a bizarre context.

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