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            Heinrich Himmler and his role in the Gestapo.
             It is not to often that a man is seen as the very personification of evil. So is the case of Heinrich Himmler who was not only the head of Hitler's SS police, but was also in charge of the death camps in the east. Himmler's life and his impact on the rise and fall of the Nazi State is a horrifying story that brings us to the very depths of the nature of evil in the human character.
             Heinrich Himmler was born on October 7, 1900, a son of a secondary school instructor and strict Roman Catholic who lived in Luneberg, Germany. His father being the former tutor of the Princess of the Bavarian Court, Himmler had completed his secondary school instruction at a school in Landshut. Himmler originally intended to be a farmer and went on to receive a diploma in agriculture from the Munich Technical School in 1922. At age 18 and after World War I when Germany was at a all time low, Himmler despised the Weimar Republic and expressed hatred for anyone who was anti-Germany. After working briefly as a salesman for a firm of fertilizer manufactures, the young Himmler joined a para-military, right wing national organization. It was here where Himmler first came in contact with Hitler when he took place in the Munich Beer-Hall Putsch in November of 1923 as a standard bearer. In 1925 Himmler joined the Nazi party. He then married Margaret Boden in 1927. After marrying Himmler returned to poultry farming for a time .
             but was unsuccessful in the business of raising chickens. It was in January of 1929 in which Himmler's life would be forever changed when Hitler appointed him as leader of the SchutzStaffer (SS); the black-shirted elite guards that at the time primarily served as a bodyguard for Hitler. The SS was a small body of 200 men. In 1930 Himmler was elected to the Reichstag as Nazi deputy for Weser-Ems and immediately concentrated on extending SS membership.

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