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the jewish renansance

            The Jewish Resistance happened in the early 1930-1940's. The Jewish Resistance was during the Holocaust. During this period, a lot was going on in Germany, Poland, and other places in Europe all the Jews were being discriminated by Hitler and the Nazis. The "Ghettos" started in the late 1930's. These "Ghettos" were in very bad conditions and had little food. In most of the Death/Concentration, camps the Jews were lead to death by gas chambers or even some worked so hard that they died. Most of the Jews died or were killed for unreasonable reasons. Some of the things they had done were trade food, and some other things. The hardest thing for the Jews to get or have was weapons. The Nazis had the Jewish people so scared of them that they would not even try to resist the Nazis, because if one of the Jews resisted the Nazis then they would kill everyone in the group or punish them very bad.
             There are all different types of "Ghettos." Some are the "Armed Ghetto Resistance," "Spiritual Resistance," and "Armed Resistance in Death Camps." This resistance was about the Jewish people resisting as much as they could so they would not be killed. There was four main "Ghettos." The "Tuchin Ghetto" was in 1942, seven hundred Jewish families escaped and were hunted down, and only fifteen survived. The "Warsaw Ghetto" was in 1943. The people of this "Ghetto" joined as one thousand fighters for an army. Then about fifteen or twenty S.S. Soldiers were killed. General Himmler was in control of this "Ghetto" and had promised Hitler this "Ghetto" was going to be destroyed in three days but it took four weeks. About fifteen thousand Jews died at this "Ghetto." The "Bialystok Ghetto" had a battle that only lasted one day until everyone was killed or captured. The "Vilna Ghetto" occurred in September of 1943. Most of the people were killed but some of them escaped to a little safer place of living.

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